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Move your body anytime, anywhere.

Welcome to Move With AW, your virtual fitness platform.

Our movement is inspired by dance, yoga, pilates, and barre, offering virtual live classes and an on-demand library of fitness classes. Our 30-minute classes make it ideal for busy individuals on the go, including dancers and moms. Click here to get started on your journey to feel your best.

Virtual Class Schedule

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"The live 30 minute classes are the perfect addition to my morning routine. The classes have helped me set aside a short amount of time to focus on myself and get my body moving before starting my day. The video library is perfect for the days when I need more flexibility."

- Ally S.

"Amy's virtual classes have been a huge help in getting in my daily movement. They're quick and convenient leaving me feeling energized and strong each day. Having the pre-recorded library allows me to work with my daily schedule, fitting in a class whenever I want. I love moving with Amy and can't wait to see what she has in store for me next!"

- Sam P.

"I love Amy's virtual classes because I can do them at a convenient time and choose an area to work on. I find her guidance and focus on details for each movement very helpful to make sure I am getting the most out of each exercise."

- Brenda R.

Class Descriptions

Some of our signature 30-minute virtual classes.

Full Body

From head to toe, this class gets the entire body moving and grooving. Inspired by the flow of Vinyasa yoga, the detail work of ballet and the slow burn of Pilates. Low to moderate impact, with modifications available. A strong focus on core strength.

Arms & Abs

The name speaks for itself. A spicy burn for the core and arms, with a nice stretch woven throughout.


Lower body. Both standing and mat work, with a sprinkle of cardio. Always bodyweight, with an option to add props/weights if desired. Finishing with core work and a quick stretch.


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    • Five live classes
  • Spring Into Summer

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    • ends June 30th, 2024


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